Saturday, 21 February 2009

Something in the Air

It is beginning to feel like spring is just around the corner - the mimosas are in all their full yellow glory, there was even a Mimosa Festival last week-end, and suddenly the place was heaving! Not really sure where everybody appeared from though, and of course they have all vanished again. Also it is warming up nicely, it was up to 15 degrees today.
We have continued to explore this delightful area, interspersing short local walks with longer trips away working on the book. A big day checking the state of the bolts on a couple of hundred of the routes at Sainte Victoire was the most recent.
Now there are only seven weeks left - its almost time to start planning again. I quite fancy returning to the Verdon on the way home, its years since I have climbed there.
Then there is the summer - maybe we could make it back up to Lofoten just one more time!
I'm glad to say that the autumn is already sorted though - it just has got to be back to fabulous Kalymnos - spending five and half weeks there last year was brilliant, I think maybe we need to stay a bit longer this time though!

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