Saturday, 10 October 2009

Many Happy Returns

A year and a week ago for us and something like eight years for Spenny and Pat and we were all made it back again at the paradise island. Again the travel was a breeze, after an early start we landed ahead of schedule and only had a 10 min wait for the ferry. We booked into the Babis Bar in Myrties, and a had a beer whilst watching the sun sink towards a the blue Aegean. After a march into Masouri - and bumping intio Nigel Baker - we collected the car (another teeny Panda) the had very Greek tea and more beers on the terrace.
A couple of gentle days climbing was what the doctor ordered - so we did just that - four cliffs, nine routes up to 6b - it is great to be back!
We have only been here two days and already Sherri has persuaded the owner of the bar to install a wifi network - that is what you call a fast mover!

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