Thursday, 18 February 2010

Back to Base

The journey home was slow but mellow, a couple of very pleasant days on Kos and a day/night in Athens, a few hours to explore Heathrow's T5, a 40 minute flight and taxi ride over the snowy Pennines and that was it - 18.5 weeks gone - poooof! A great trip though and I am pleased to report there is still enough to go back for at least one more time.

A ride up north to visit the parents brought back the 'delights' of winters in the UK; grey skies, damp air, crowded roads and above all - cold. On the upside, a big bed, a bath and a tele for the 1st time in four and a half months was a real treat!

Then there was the snow - wow, haven't seen anything like that for ages - though I think most folks have had more than enough this winter already! A Burbage round was most excellent.

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