Sunday, 7 February 2010

Notes from a (Very) Small Island

Time rolls on, almost 18 weeks now and it is time to start thinking about that 'other' place, always assuming the winds drop and we can escape!

Thoughts on wintering in Kalymnos:
1) It has been a lot warmer and a bit more unsettled than we were expecting; 99 sunny days, 13 cloudy days and 9 wet days pretty much tells all though.
2) The place has been MUCH quieter than we expected, since late November it has been pretty much deserted.
3) Stopping in Myries was a good call, much sunnier than Masouri, and with a supermarket just across the road for getting the daily basics - spot on!
4) The locals are a wonderful bunch and have done a great job keeping us supplied with cakes and weather forecasts.

Would we come again? You bet - the flight is already booked!

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