Saturday, 15 January 2011


We had a great day craging over in the Three Caves on Telendos, though I got a bit chewed by 'the only crack on the island'. Also we have continued to poke away looking at various bits of undeveloped rock - there is a lot if it about when we started looking. The brief is tricky mind, it needs to be not to far from the road, not to high and not too hard; plus Aris says it has to have a 10-15 routes to make it worth a visit by other teams.
We may have found a candidate not far from Pothia, Colin is coming out next weekend, and I have already borrowed the drill so watch this space!
Today we had a walk to another Crag X which I reckon may have room for 50+ routes, far too big an undertaking for me mind - I'll hand it over to the locals!

Click on the shot to the right (twice) for a full sized version of the crag.

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