Monday, 17 January 2011

Monday Morning Blue

The magnificent Arhi was deserted, so we had the whole place to ourselves which is rare event. Last time we were there (New Year's Day) it was rammed. Despite the showery forecast there was a cool northerly breeze and wall to wall sunshine, perfect climbing conditions. Factor in the great routes, beautiful rock and the fact that it was Monday morning - could it possibly get any better? Oh and Sherri has booked the flights home - bummer!

Not set to leave for four weeks mind!!

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andysomething said...

Hi Chris

I wonder if you have some email addresses of any of Colin's climbing circle so they can maybe use the comment on this blog to send him a message for his birthday. If the response is reasonable you could open it up on Thursday to let him have a look.

Just fwd the link to whoeve and ask them to put some sort of comment in for his birthday, the ruder the better I guess



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