Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Mum's Gone To Iceland!

The escape from Kalymnos was as easy as ever, though Kos airport was a shocker, dozens of huge coaches being boarded by hundreds of pale Brits inbound and a similar number of lobster red ones headed the other way!
Ariège is as pleasant as ever, so much greener than when we left, but still lovely and quiet. Colin rolled up on his way back north so we had a couple of days on the rock - he is climbing as well as ever despite his long enforced lay-off.

Left: Colin whizzing up an undergraded F5+ route above Ax les Thermes

The big news is that we have abandoned plans for Australia - somehow it never felt quite right so we finally bit the bullet. British Airways refunded both the ticket price and our air-miles at the press of a button and we booked two flights to Iceland (with EasyJet) for early June - so it is all change from 33C and crocodiles to 11C and mosquitoes! It is a place I have always fancied getting to know so a trip to Decathlon was in order for waterproof trousers, and some warm weather gear.

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andysomething said...

Good to see CB out and about....

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