Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Summer's Almost Here

Two weeks ago it felt like spring was on the way, now it feels like summer is just around the corner. It has been a hot and sweaty fortnight, with a wind from the south, the odd thunderstorm (with very red and sandy rain) and an almost continuous cloud cap on Telendos, with the moisture squeezed out by the rising air providing for some great sunsets.

Left: Telendos with its cloud cap

Today the wind swung to the north, freshening things up beautifully - the Meltemi has arrived. The climbers have arrived too - in their hoards - with 100+ scooters today scattered along the road from Arhi to Arginonda.
Long time friend Tony Welsh (aka Welsh Tony) has had his 1st week on Kalymnos, suffice to say he is impressed with the island, the climbing, the weather, the locals - pretty much everything in fact - so no surprises there then!
80 routes so far, including quite a batch I haven't done before which is always good. Tuesday sees us heading back to the peace and quiet of the Ariège - via a night in the UK - the Stansted Radison and a bath - that will be novel!

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