Sunday, 27 August 2017

Austrian Alpine

Above it all
With a date for getting my toe sorted we decided to push off for a quick (well five week) trip, but where too?
Something on UKC recently had caught my eye, about the Ōtztal valley in Austria being a great venue for rock climbing in the lower and middle grades. It wasn't a place that was on my radar, so a peruse of the book shelf in Outside was in order, where I discovered the 600+ page tome that was 'Sportclimbing in Tirol'.
After a quick flick to check the potential we started by booking the Hull to Zeebrugge ferry and a couple of days later we were aboard and headed south.
The upgrade to Club Class was as welcome as ever and the crossing was silk calm. Two easy half days on the autobahns and we checked into the very classy Allgäuer Appartementhaus in the lovely Bavarian town of Pfronten. (When I booked the place I actually though it was in Austria, though it turns out it was in Germany - hey ho!)
Day One, Crag One, Route One
We spent four days there, climbing, hiking and exploring the area. Being August, it is still pretty warm and everywhere is quite busy, but another week should see the masses heading back to work and everything starting to cool dow.
Then it was onwards to the Ötztal via few routes on the odd slabby crag of Arzbergklamm before we headed to our residence of the next couple of weeks - Top Tirol apartments, right in the middle of the valley. The rain started just before we arrive but the forecast is fine, hopefully it will be a bit cooler up here at almost 4000'

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