Tuesday, 5 September 2017

September Snows

View-point at 10,945'
 We left the UK towards the end of August and the first 10 days were as expected, with everywhere being hot and busy. Then the forecast offered something a little different; unsettled and cooler - and it was spot on. After a damp couple of days the clouds parted to reveal sparking snowy summits.
With a complimentary Ötzal Card (many thanks to the kind staff at the Local Tourist Office) we took the highest cable-car in the region - the Schwaze Schneid, which deposits you at 3247m (10,653').
First week of September - who would have though it!
From there we continued up a snowy trail to a spectacular view-point at 3336m (10,945').
The view were fantastic, covering the surround peaks of the Tirol and away to the south, the distant Dolomites. A brisk wind blew out of the north and my watch showed -4C, with the added wind-chill we didn't tarry too long - though the hot drink and sandwich Sherri had 'smuggled' up to the top were much appreciated.

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