Friday, 6 October 2017

Patched up and Good to Go

Down (by) a Lazy River the Inn
Boulder Hopping Mad
The five weeks in Austria were excellent despite what the locals described as the 'Worst September Ever'. We climbed, hiked, explored and ate loads of sausages!
We were impressed with the area, the friendly locals, the high standard of everything and the generally inexpensive nature of the place. We already have plans to give the area another try next year hoping for a 'proper' autumn.
Then it was homeward via the German autobahn network - the traffic was pretty grim, with lots of delays, nose to tail queueus and several minor bumps - they need to take a lesson from the French maybe?
Sunday we arrived back home and Monday I checked into the Claremont Private Hospital - courtesy of the NHS - to get my toe sorted. By early evening I was back home, bandaged up and wondering how long the recovery might take - there was some talk of 'up to 12 weeks' at the hospital.
Three days later I hiked (slowly) up Mount Stanage, five days spent a couple of hours belay duty at Awesome Walls and ten days visited by docs to have the dressing removed before heading to Manchester Airport and the Ariege. Easy does it - but so far so good.

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