Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Happy New Year Indeed

2012 - where does the time go? I guess it flies when you keep busy - we only spent 12 weeks in the UK in 2011, the rest of the year we spread ourselves out from the Greek Islands to Arctic Norway with time spent in Spain and Switzerland too.
Wintering in Kalymnos has been great again - well over 200 routes climbed, lots of superb weather, friendly locals and a host of cats to keep Sherri busy! Today was pretty typical, we slept with the door wide open all night listening to the sound of the waves (cool mind!), had breakfast on the terrace in the morning sun, did five superb 30m+ routes at Kreisaal. Then it was back home for a hot shower and tea on the balcony, watching the sun go down.
I have started to listen to 'Drive Time' on BBC 2, via the internet each evening, the traffic jams and weather back home make time spent here that much sweeter! I sometimes wonder why we are headed home in 12 days!

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