Wednesday, 25 January 2012


Left: Dan on Suspect Intellect HVS

The UK in January - the 1st time we have been here at this time of year for about seven years - and it has been a bit of a shocker. The Monday after we arrived it was back on the Grit with the usual suspects, a lovely crisp day, but the climbing was hard work: no holds and no bolts - very strange!
A visit to Whirlow Park was cold, muddy and raw, but it was good to be out. The mid-week forecast was better so we decided on a leg stretch around the Redmires Reservoirs behind Sheffield. In the event the forecast was wrong, (why does that surprise me) - it was blowing a gale out of the north-west and it rained much of the time. Added into the mix was some stinging hail as well - luckily we found an old abandoned shooters lodge to escape the worst of the weather. The sandwiches and hot soup were a treat.
Then there was the inevitable visit to the climbing wall, on the plus side it was less arduous than I was expecting and it was very sociable.
Anyway it was good to be home for a fortnight, but that is enough - Costa Blanca on Monday - sweet!

Right: Sherri catching another lung-full of moisture-ladened air

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