Saturday, 14 January 2012

Job Done!

Left: Route Number 246
A quarter of a year we have been on the island (16 weeks or thereabouts), 246 routes ticked (exactly) and tomorrow we catch the dawn ferry to Kos, fly to Athens then after a rapid transit head north to Manchester. If things go well (some 'if') we could be back in Sheffield by early evening. Can't say we are really looking forward to it but it has to be done, projects are simmering and books don't write themselves.

We will miss the weather, the climbing, breakfast and tea on opposite terraces, the cats, the peace and quiet, the sunshine. Also a small but very select band of friends and acquaintances - this side of the island really is pretty quiet.

Right: Paddling in the sea in January

Yesterday we caught the taxi-boat over to Telendos and went for a wander, around the southern tip of the island, we even had a paddle - and the sea felt lovely and warm. Today was a last few routes, pack the big boxes for the cellar and the rucksacks for the journey.

Sherri fancies popping over and see the place in the summer - in the hot and busy time - sounds like a plan to me!

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